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LaserTool performs laser hardening of tools and components, which is a solution that is both precise and cost-effective. We can also conduct measurements on objects in a variety of materials and sizes using 3D scanning systems.

Laser Hardening

Laser hardening is a surface hardening method with high precision where only selected areas are hardened. It offers several advantages, such as a hard surface with retained toughness in the rest of the material, as well as minimal shape changes after hardening. Additionally, thanks to the laser’s high efficiency and the fact that only the needed area is hardened, the process also yields a very low carbon footprint

3D Scanning/Measurement

3D scanning or measurement offers many advantages compared to traditional dimensional measurement and can be utilized for several reasons. The method can be used to check for shape deviations or changes, as well as to create drawings of details where drawings are missing, a process known as reverse engineering. LaserTool has extensive experience in both dimensional measurement and reverse engineering and can offer these services complete with measurement, measurement reports, and/or finished drawings in both 3D and 2D formats.


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