20 years of experience in laser hardening

LaserTool in Blekinge AB is the leading company in Scandinavia in laser hardening with over 20 years of experience. We work with some of Sweden’s largest companies, as well as smaller businesses that have realized the significant advantages of laser hardening. LaserTool actively works to improve the process and develop our service. We also perform 3D scanning and measurement tasks where we deliver measurement protocols for further evaluation. Since July 3, 2023, LaserTool in Blekinge AB is a fully-owned subsidiary of SSAB EMEA AB.


Quality & Environment

LaserTool aims to ensure that products and services within its scope of operations meet the agreed requirements and conditions from the customer.

Through continuous improvement of work methods, products, services, and competence, competitiveness shall be enhanced. All customer contacts should serve as good references for future business

LaserTool is a service company within the manufacturing industry and is committed to a sustainable operation. We strive to minimize our own and our customers’ environmental impact, and our environmental requirements consist of:

• active management interest in environmental matters
• employing environmentally conscious and trained staff to ensure our products and services are environmentally friendly and prevent pollution
• continuously working towards reducing environmental impact
• compliance with applicable environmental legislation and, where regulations are lacking, applying the precautionary principle and considering other requirements
• promoting the most sustainable alternatives in our collaboration with suppliers and customers.


Our history

2001: Duroc decides to establish a branch in Olofström specifically for laser hardening of tools. The branch is built within Volvo Car Corporation’s factory.

2002: Duroc inaugurates the operation in Olofström, and the branch is named Duroc Applications Center.

2004: The branch becomes an independent limited company, named Duroc Tooling in Olofström AB. The company rapidly develops new applications in collaboration with Volvo and performs laser hardening of tools for the automotive industry.

2011: Duroc sells the company to Jan Kvist, who has been active since the inauguration in 2002. The company name is changed to LaserTool i Blekinge AB, and the operations are relocated to Innovation Park in Olofström.

2020: Permanova Lasersystem acquires LaserTool, and in connection with this, the areas of CMM measurement and wire EDM are phased out.

2023: SSAB EMEA AB acquires LaserTool in Blekinge AB.

2024: To meet increased demand for laser hardening and development, the production capacity is expanded through investment in a new laser cell and the upgrade of existing equipment.